Dr. Mitch A. Jackson from Jacksoneye, Lake Villa, IL


Jacksoneye is excited to welcome their fellow, Dr. Marius Gradianu!

Jacksoneye wants to congratulate Dr. Gabriela Trabal for successfully completing her 2019/2020 with the practice.   Please join us thanking her for all of her great work over the last year, and in wishing her all the best with her future endeavors!

Jacksoneye is also excited to welcome their 2020/2021 fellow, Dr. Marius Gradianu!  Please join us in welcoming him to the area and the practice.

Blog by Dr. Bollinger


Blocked Glands

Dry Eye and Meibomian Gland Disease

Have you been noticing that your eyes are more tired, or that you are blinking or rubbing your eyes to keep reading material from becoming hazy or blurry? Maybe your eyes look bloodshot more frequently than in the past, or maybe you notice they are tearing and/or burning more than ever before. There are reasons why this is happening and there are solutions to these problems.

COVID-19 Announcements

We’re now accepting payments online!

Jacksoneye is partnering with Phreesia to help save you time when you register and pay for your next appointment online. You can check-in from any smartphone, tablet or computer and from the privacy of your own home. Registering from your own device saves you time and ensures your information is always up to date. You can also prepay your copay or your account balance with Phreesia!


What to Expect at Your Next Post COVID-19 Appointment

Dr. Mitchell A. Jackson and Dr. Melissa Bollinger are talking about appointments instructions for post COVID-19 visits to Jacksoneye office.


COVID19 Telehealth Jacksoneye Announcement

We are providing telehealth appointments

At Jacksoneye, even in these trying times, optimal patient care remains our top priority. Let us help continue to provide you and your loved ones the best eyecare possible, all from the convenience and safety of your home! Contact us today to schedule your telehealth visit with one of our physicians. Both Drs. Jackson and Bollinger are accepting immediate appointments. Audio only and audio/video calls are available.

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Our Jacksoneye patient portal is a secure online website that gives our patients convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection.

  1. Save Time: No more waiting on hold to speak to staff or schedule appointments.
  2. It’s Convenient: Anywhere anytime access lets you communicate on your time.
  3. It’s Private: Secure messaging ensures privacy between you and our office.
  4. More Choice: Gives patients a new way to communicate with our office.

What our patients say:

  • “I am extremely happy with my cataract surgery. Dr. Jackson is wonderful… so calming and reassuring. (more…)
    Joanne LaGardy

  • "It’s a life changer! I can now see with complete clarity! My cataract surgery was a complete success. (more…)
    Patrick Monahan

  • "Dr. Jackson is a miracle man for me. All I could see beforehand was light, and no movement. (more…)
    Phil Roelofson

  • "I had cataract surgery with premium IOLs in 2015. I can still remember (more…)
    Cheryl Bean

  • "Wonderful experience! Staff were (more…)
    Mary L.

  • "I received the iLUX dry eye treatment and WOW, the results are amazing!  My dry eye (more…)
    Patricia Michelli

  • "The treatment I received at Jacksoneye was thorough, innovative and incredibly helpful (more…)
    Alexandria Luppi

  • "LASIK is worth it. It wasn't scary and the procedure actually was  great. They had music on (more…)

  • patient testimonials

    “I had Lasik eye surgery in October of 2007 at JacksonEye. I was nervous walking in for my first consultation (more…)

  • patients

    “Jacksoneye provides the highest level of eye care that I have come across. Your accomplishments and expertise in LASIK eye surgery gave me a sense of (more…)

  • patient testimonials

    “Jacksoneye was the perfect fit when it came to having my LASIK procedure (more…)

  • patients

    “I just want to express my gratitude to you and your support staff for the vision improvements that I now enjoy. This was a big step for me, having required significant vision correction for most of my life. (more…)

  • patient testimonials

    “I am writing this letter to express how grateful I am for choosing your practice and having been a patient of your for over two decades I figure I have the inside track. (more…)

  • “I had an excellent LASIK experience with Dr. Jackson. The procedure itself was very (more…)

  • “My overall Lasik experience at Jacksoneye was a good one. LASIK is unbelievable and has made my life a lot easier. (more…)

  • patient testimonials2

    “I am absolutely thrilled with the LASIK procedure I had done at Jacksoneye. Everyone has been (more…)

  • patients

    “Everyone was very professional and extremely kind during my PRK / Lasek / Epi-Lasik procedure. They took (more…)

  • patient testimonials

    “The LASIK procedure I had performed at Jacksoneye went smoothly and without a hitch. Dr. Jackson kept me informed EVERY single step of the way so that there were NO surprises (more…)

  • patients


  • patients

    “I would like to sincerely thank you for the outstanding work you do performing Lasik eye surgery. I was a patient of yours in June of 2006, and chose your facility after thorough research, and consultation with several other local finds. (more…)

  • patient testimonials

    “I am 18 years old. I was once an ordinary patient at Jacksoneye. I saw Dr. Jackson once every year, until November 13, 2009. At that time Dr. Jackson discovered (more…)

  • “During the time I have been visiting Jacksoneye as a patient, I have been very satisfied with the quality and attentiveness of Dr. Jackson. He is very dedicated and (more…)

  • "To Doctor Jackson and staff, You always treat your patients with courtesy and respect, (more…)

  • patient testimonials

    “I just want to thank you for making me feel “special” during my Botox experience and the results!? (more…)

  • patients

    “I can’t explain in words how much my new vision has changed my life. Having the Lasik procedure is (more…)

  • patients

    “My husband and I are so happy that we had eye surgery. Everyone involved was so professional (more…)
    Barbara and Leslie Miller, Antioch, IL

  • patient testimonials

    “From when I first arrived, I was treated with the low pressure and friendly service that seems to be the atmosphere at Jacksoneye (more…)

  • patient testimonials

    “Two years ago I visited with Dr. Jackson in regards to a new procedure he was in the final stages of testing for; to see if I met the candidate criteria (more…)

  • patient testimonials

    “I had Lasik surgery in May 2005. I had worn contact lenses since 1961; gradually evolving from the hard lenses to the smaller soft lens (more…)