What Is The Ideal Age For Laser Eye Surgery?

Are you planning to undergo a laser eye surgery to correct your refractive error? Have you asked your eye doctor if you are a suitable candidate or what is the ideal age for laser eye surgery? If you haven’t given these major concerns a fair thinking, then I do recommend that you read the following laser eye surgery information below and be guided accordingly.

What is a laser eye surgery?

The laser eye surgery is known as the laser corneal sculpting procedure and categorized as a medical approach to reshape the surface of the patient’s eye. The usual device used for a laser eye surgery is a top performing laser called “excimer laser”. Most laser eye surgeries are performed to improve one’s visual problem like farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. The very first laser eye surgery was recorded into the medical history over 20 years ago and in today’s generation, more advanced laser technologies are being introduced for everyone’s convenience and satisfaction.

What are the various reasons why an eye doctor would recommend a laser surgery?

Among the various reasons why a laser eye surgery would be recommended to the patient are:

  • For cosmetic reasons such as the person concerned is already tired of wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses.
  • Individuals who want to enjoy working or doing outdoor activities where the wearing of eyeglasses or contact lenses isn’t advisable under any circumstances.
  • People who are 18 years old and above.
  • Individuals whose prescription glasses or contact lenses are stable for a year or two before the laser eye surgery.

Medical or health issues to consider

  • Persons with certain ailments like diabetes, uncontrolled rheumatic conditions or history of keratoconus must seek the professional advice of a refractive surgeon if a laser eye surgery is the only corrective solution.
  • Patients with very thin or abnormal shaped corneas should also undergo extensive eye examinations prior the procedure.

What are the laser eye surgery risks?

The usual laser eye surgery risks may include the following side effects or complications:

  • Over or under-correction where the patient may undergo retreatment or further enhancement procedure just to get the most desirable outcome.
  • Dry eyes (This is only temporary and can be treated with the use of artificial tear or anti-inflammatory eye drops).
  • Infection (treatable with antibiotics).
  • Superficial scarring with a Prk surgery and can be modified through another procedure or reduced with use of certain anti-metabolites at the time of the primary procedure.
  • Fluctuation in vision may result after the treatment.

Where to get the appropriate refractive treatment?

Most patients with different levels of refractive errors may seek the help of the following:

  • A certified eye doctor (optometrist) who can perform a series of eye tests to examine the overall condition of the patient’s eyes and visual performance.
  • An expert eye surgeon (ophthalmologist) with a certain specialization to perform any of the laser eye surgeries:

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Laser eye surgery can be availed by any patient who has a great need to correct his/her visual problem provided he/she belongs to the ideal candidates for any laser eye surgery. Aside from that, unknown to many, most refractive eye centers offer affordable payment scheme packages, so don’t worry about the cost, but, focus on realizing your dream of seeing things around you at a brighter angle.