5 Major Factors That Will Dictate The Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

Eye Surgery Jackson EyeFor all patients who are still unaware what could be the overall bladeless Lasik eye surgery cost, there are certain factors that will dictate or affect its overall pricing. Remember, knowing the prevailing rates from various eye centers will help you make a wise decision where to have your Lasik surgery. Here they are for your convenience.

General qualifications of the Lasik surgeon

This is a key factor in determining the possible professional fee of the Lasik surgeon who will perform the surgery. If you desire to get the best results with minimal complications, expect to pay higher fees with an eye surgeon whose level of expertise is beyond the basic requirements needed to qualify a surgeon to conduct this particular medical procedure. Be sure to check the existing eye surgery rates at your nearest Lasik eye center and compare their prices as well as the facilities to be used for this type of treatment.

Kind of laser technology chosen

The usual package for a Lasik surgery is about $1,500-$3,000 per eye and this estimated price may vary on the kind of laser technology chosen by the patient. A Wavefront (Custom Lasik) or a bladeless procedure will charge more as compared to the basic Lasik eye surgery procedure available in most reliable eye centers. Ask your eye surgeon what is the possible cost of each corrective solutions that you can avail and if the bladeless Lasik is also included among their easy-payment scheme plans.

Physical location of the eye surgery center

Some of us don’t give this area much consideration, the physical location of the eye center where you want your eye surgery done. If you will only calculate the other expenses involved such as food, accommodation and travelling allowances needed in going back and forth to a city based eye center, then, you might be surprised how much you can save if you will reconsider a nearby center that offers the same eye care services, advanced facilities and top performing Lasik surgeons. Weigh all the possible expenses and the expected outcome of the operation and decide where you can get an affordable surgery package without putting your eye condition at greater risk.

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Patient’s current visual need

There are some patients that may require a more specialized surgery procedure or usage of the latest laser instrument due to his/her present visual condition or other health issues and this would mean extra cost on their final medical billing. Don’t hesitate to ask your eye surgeon if your present astigmatism level will require a more extensive treatment.

Follow-up visits

There are some laser eye centers that include follow-up visits or post-operative check-up in their surgery packages. Again, request a list of all the eye services included with your chosen package and clarify which among these add-ons stated form as part of your privileges. Keep in mind there are cases when a patient needs to undergo another surgery (enhancement) and this procedure may not be part of your chosen package, so extra fees may apply. Also keep in mind that lifetime enhancement guarantees does not guarantee the original surgeon will be around for a lifetime to perform those enhancements if needed.

Before signing up with a contract of agreement, request for a clear list of all the possible expenses that will be added on your final billing to avoid confusions.