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The bladeless Lasik eye surgery procedure is viewed as a good alternative option, in fact better than the traditional laser eye surgery used in correcting one’s visual problem. Let’s first define the meaning of this particular laser treatment.

What is the Bladeless Lasik treatment?

Bladeless Lasik is a corrective eye surgery solution that uses an all laser technology for the treatment of different refractive errors like farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. Unlike the traditional method of Lasik eye surgery where a blade is used to create a thin flap in the cornea before a laser is used, the bladeless procedure on the other hand uses a cutting edge femtosecond laser to make the flap. Both the bladeless and conventional Lasik surgery procedures are considered to be among the safest surgery methods that any person suffering from poor eyesight condition can avail and gain better visual improvements.

Advantages of a bladeless Lasik

  • Lesser complication due to the usage of an all laser device while those eye surgeries done under the traditional Lasik procedures damage could occur to the eye tissues, since a blade is used.

  • Better cornea flap quality because the laser instrument makes flap of the same thickness regardless of the shape of the patient’s cornea while the old Lasik treatment where a blade is used to make the flap, “buttonholes” may result in the cornea.

  • Dry eye, the common side effect after Lasik, is less in severity and duration with bladeless Lasik.

Disadvantages of a bladeless Lasik

  • Sensitivity to light happens with the use of all lasers, but not in the eye surgical procedure where a blade is used.

  • Cost of an all laser procedure typically is higher than traditional Lasik.

Additional tips and warnings:

The above advantages and disadvantages are just helpful pointers for your decision making. You still need to consult your eye surgeon about the possible outcome of your refractive eye surgery, risk factors and the Lasik eye surgery recovery time before you can really make a wise choice.

Follow your eye doctor’s medical advice because in every aspect he/she has enough knowledge on what kind of corrective eye surgery is the best for your present visual problem. Make sure all your questions and apprehensions are cleared out before you succumb yourself to any treatment.