The Permanent Dry Eye Solution: Dry Eye Surgery

Inflamed EyelidsMinor dry eye symptoms are treatable with certain dry eye medication, but if the discomfort persists even with the application of artificial tear drops, the permanent solution could be a dry eye surgery. To fully understand which among the available dry eye therapy treatments are suitable for your dry eye problem, below are further explanations.

What is a dry eye medication?

For the initial treatment of dry eye syndrome, a patient is usually prescribed by the eye doctor with artificial tears to lessen the uncomfortable feeling of itchiness, burning sensation and redness. If over the counter eye drop solutions are not effective, then prescription eye anti-inflammatory eye drops are usually recommended.

What is the difference between over the counter eye drops (artificial tears) and prescription eye drops?

Over the counter eye drops are usually made from chemical solutions which are quite similar to one’s natural fluids found in the eyes. They only offer shorter period of efficacy unlike prescription eye drops and may need frequent applications or usages like four times daily to get the best results. Keep in mind eye drops for red eyes are entirely different from eye drops for dry eyes, and “red eye” drops can typically aggravate dry eye problems if inappropriately used.

Prescription eye drops for dry eyes on the other hand contain ingredients designed to increase the tear production, since inadequate tears are usually found among patients with dry eye problem. The usual prescription is the use of Restasis which is proven to be efficient than the artificial tear solutions sold over the counter. This type of dry eye treatment offers longer relief as compared to non-prescription eye medications. Prescription eye drops typically treat the cause of the dry eye problem versus over-the counter preparations are only palliative at best.

If you are uncertain which among these dry eye solutions would be ideal for you seek the medical advice of a qualified dry eye doctor at your reliable eye center.

Are punctual plugs necessary?

For individuals with complicated cases of dry eyes, the eye specialist may suggest temporary placement of punctal plugs in the punctums (drain openings) of the lower eyelid. If this procedure proves to be working as expected, then, a decision will be derived, put permanent plugs to maintain the patient’s eye moisture at a normal level.

Lastly, if the permanent plugs aren’t effective enough to continuously conserve the moisture in the eyes, the eye doctor would recommend a surgical procedure.

What happens during a dry eye surgery procedure?

An eye surgery is the final resort after all possible eye medications have been proven to be inefficient in treating the patient’s dry eye disease. The eye surgery should only be performed by a surgeon because the procedure involves cauterization of the tissue at the opening of punctum (drain openings) and an irreversible treatment.