5 Possible Laser Eye Surgery Risks That Every Patient Must Be Aware

jacksoneyeAre you concerned with the possible laser eye surgery risks that you might experience after a laser eye treatment? Although, the number of successful laser operations outnumbered the percentage of risks reported, especially if the laser eye surgery is performed by a reliable and licensed laser eye surgerydoctor, it is still vital for any patient to know the complications, so that he/she is well-informed and prepared for the actual day of the surgery.

Here are 5 common risks and complications that may happen after the laser surgery:

Dry eyes

This is one of the usual complaints of patients after the surgery, dry eyes that shows the following symptoms:

  • Burning sensation
  • Irritation
  • Watery symptoms

This type of complication may require a dry eye therapy medication which includes the use of artificial tear drops and/or other anti-inflammatory solutions to help with the symptoms. This condition is only temporary and will only last for a short time after the surgery. In case the symptoms persist, immediate consultation with your eye doctor is highly imperative to prevent further damage or harm done to the eyes.

Poor night vision

Another risk factor that would result after a laser eye procedure is the loss of night vision, resulting to glare or halos, usually at night while driving. This condition is also temporary and will clear once the patient’s laser eye surgery recovery time progresses typically no longer than a maximum of 3-6 months.

Eye infection

This is a rare case of complication that might happen after a laser eye treatment, but patient need not worry, since this can be treated with antibiotic eye drops if detected early enough.

Complications on the corneal flap

This kind of complication will only happen if you submit yourself to unreliable or poor standard eye centers, so the final advice to all individuals is to have their laser eye surgeries performed at the best laser eye center that any patient could find and request that an expert eye surgeon to perform the laser treatment. Keep in mind, never entrust your laser surgery to any practicing surgeon whose qualification aren’t enough to prove his/her true credentials. Imagine, if you had a dislocated flap, another surgery will be required, leading to discomfort and additional expenses on your medical bill. This type of complication occurs more frequently with blade microkeratomes than femtolaser-created flaps.

In-growth cells

This type of risk is also very rare where the surface cells grow underneath the corneal flap, but usually can treated by a quick sterile rinse under the flap if needed.

Additional safety measures

If you really want to free yourself from further risks, discomfort and additional expenses, have your upcoming laser eye surgery treatment only at a reliable and well-facilitated eye center where their affiliated eye doctors and eye surgeons are all equipped and certified to perform this advanced laser eye correction.

Jacksoneye laser eye surgery practice does thorough pre-op tests to eliminate or minimize possible risks. If you’re still in doubt and you’re from Barrington, Arlington Heights, Libertyville, Oak Brook, Naperville, Elgin, Westchester,  Grayslake, Round Lake, Vernon Hills, Schaumburg, McHenry, Skokie and other places from or around Chicago, don’t hesitate to visit Jacksoneye office in Lake Villa, Illinois. Staff there will provide all the necessary information to help you do a weighted decision.