Corneal Inlays

Vision after 40 can be frustrating. No one wants to have to carry reading glasses around wherever they go. What if we told you that you have more options? Corneal inlays for presbyopia are relatively new, but have been making a huge difference for those who deal with presbyopia.

What is a corneal inlay?

A corneal inlay is a small, thin device that is implanted into the cornea. There are several different types of corneal inlays, but all are designed to improve vision while being as undetectable as possible. Corneal inlays provide a permanent solution to problems such as presbyopia and a reduction in near vision / reading vision.

Corneal inlays are designed to work with your eye – many are made up mostly of water. They allow your cornea to carry on with its normal functions, while giving you clear and crisp vision.

We are proud to offer the Kamra® corneal inlay. Contact Jacksoneye to find out if corneal inlays are right for you!