Dry Eye

Do You Have Dry Eyes?

Dry Eye treatmentOver 25 million people suffer from dry eyes, yet some who experience the symptoms don’t realize the cause. It is really part of what is more known as Ocular Surface Disease (OSD). OSD can come in many varieties – dehydration, evaporation, autoimmune, and/or allergy. Modern day objective tests all performed at Jacksoneye can quantitate the disease in terms of type and severity and can even aid Dr. Jackson in measuring the response to therapy initiated. Modern day treatment options are highly specific to the condition diagnosed and may require more than one treatment to gain control of the problem. Unfortunately, dry eye is not as simple as “Baseball, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet” but with proper diagnosis and treatment, it can be controlled to a level that will restore normal functional levels to a person’s daily life. To this end, JacksonEye now also proudly offers LipiFlow® advanced dry eye treatment as well as BlephEx® for those suffering from blepharitis and dry eye syndrome.

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