BlephEx ®

Blepharitis and Blephex treatment

BlephEx ® is a quick and painless in-office procedure used to combat dry eye and blepharitis. This hand held device uses a spinning, medical grade, micro-sponge that gently exfoliates the lashes and eyelids to remove debris for immediate results. Our experienced eye doctor can help provide these immediate results using the BlephEx ® system.

What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is the chronic inflammation of the base of eyelid, otherwise known as the eyelid margin. There are plenty of reasons that blepharitis may occur, including bacterial infections, dry eye, fungal eyelid infections, parasites, or dysfunction of the Meibomian glands. Those with blepharitis may experience burning or stinging eyes, irritated or watery eyes, itchy eyelids, grittiness, or a a crusty debris/dandruff at the base of their eyelashes. Blepharitis is commonly associated with some skin conditions like ocular rosacea and psoriasis.

Who Can Get Blepharitis and Blephex Treatment?

Since eyelids can be difficult to clean, anyone can get blepharitis, which is a chronic inflammation of the eyelids due to an accumulation of bacteria. Using BlephEx ®, this bacteria can be gently scrubbed away in a quick, painless and successful procedure.

Most patients feel instant relief of their symptoms after a single treatment. With the debris cleared out, the ducts can begin to restore natural tear production. To keep the eyelids healthy and maintain these results, it is recommended to get a BlephEx ® treatment about every 6 months. Keeping your eyelids healthy and clean can save you time and money by reducing the need for drops.

Contact Lenses & Blepharitis

If you have blepharitis and wear contact lenses, you should make the switch back to eyeglasses until the blepharitis has been treated successfully. The bacteria that form on the margin of your eyelid to cause blepharitis may stick to contact lenses and can lead to pink eye and other eye diseases.

Is Blephex® right for me?

BlephEx ® is a very safe, effective dry eye treatment that is right for almost everyone. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, Blephex ® may be the solution for you. Contact JacksonEye today to discuss the BlephEx ® treatment if you’re suffering from blepharitis or dry eye syndrome in general Our experienced ophthalmologist performs this treatment for patients from all over northern Illinois, including Lindenhurst, Lake Zurich, McHenry, Barrington, Gurnee, Libertyville, Highland Park and Chicago.

Cartoonish demodex mite cites a poem:

Itchy, scratchy, desert dry,
Teary, trashy, crusty, stye.
Sticky, burning makes you cry
You rub and rub and rub your eye!

Man narrator:

Blepharitis is the most common eye disease in the world. And until recently, the most undertreated eye disease in the world. Blepharitis is the precursor of mostly diseases such as dry eye disease, contact lens intolerance and meibomian gland dysfunction also known as MGD. Now let’s go back and look at those eyelids again. Blepharitis is an overgrowth of otherwise normal bacteria living along the margins of the eyelids and lashes. This is the only place on the body that never gets washed your entire life. So, over time these bacteria buildup and form a biofilm, like the plaque that forms on your teeth. This toxic environment makes for a perfect food source for a nasty little mite called demodex. He makes the irritation and inflammation of the eyelids even worse. These biofilm bacteria begin to produce substances called exotoxins. These exotoxins caused the tear glands within the eyelid margin to become inflamed. Which degrades the quantity and quality of the tear. Our tears contain our natural antibodies. So fewer tears results in even more bacteria in the biofilm. And a vicious cycle is established, leading to malfunction of the meibomian and aqueous tear glands. The glands most responsible for good tear production. Symptoms of blepharitis range from mild to severe. And include foreign body sensation, irritated, watery eyes, itching crusting, eye stuck together in the morning, grittiness and the need to constantly rub the eyes. As the vicious cycle continues, the disease slowly progresses. Eventually leading to dry eye syndrome.

Historically the only treatment for blepharitis has been scrubbing your eyelids at home with baby shampoo or other product. This treatment has never proved very effective nor has it been accepted well by patients. Because home scrubbing cannot remove the biofilm. Prescription eyedrops are equally ineffective since they also do not remove the biofilm. and they can be very expensive which leaves only one temporary solution available – lots of artificial tears. This is not a good solution to the problem. Now eye doctors have a way to break the vicious cycle of blepharitis and bring relief to millions of patients who suffer daily from this disease.

Introducing Blephex – a revolution in the treatment of blepharitis and dry eye. The biofilm full of exotoxins that has been building up for years is now safely and effectively eliminated. Removing the source of inflammation as well as the food source for demodex. The procedure takes just a few minutes and is well tolerated. Most patients reporting an improvement in symptoms almost immediately. And many begin to make more of their own tears again. Blephex needs to be repeated at regular intervals to keep the disease from returning. Much like going to the dentist and getting your teeth cleaned. By keeping your eyelids in optimal health you should be able to keep free of blepharitis and keep your tear glands healthy and active for the rest of your life. Blephex is not covered by insurance. But you will find the procedure to be very affordable. Especially when compared to the hundreds of dollars spent every year on ineffective prescription drugs and artificial tears.

Be sure to ask your eye doctor if you might be suffering from blepharitis. And if Blephex might be right for you. Relief is finally here. So give your eyes a rest with Blephex.