Lipiflow thermal pulsation is truly an advanced treatment option for MGD/evaporative dry eye patients and can effectively and safely treat meibomian gland obstruction in both upper and lower eyelids simultaneously as an in-office procedure, taking only 12 minutes total for both eyes. The Lipiflow® device is intended to compress and heat the eyelids in order to help improve meibomian gland function. Lipiflow treats the root cause of meibomian gland dysfunction, but current data supports that a repeat treatment will be needed at least annually to maintain the initial treatment effect. All of the management options listed above can be used in different combinations and at different times at Dr. Jackson’s discretion to reduce or eliminate the problems associated with chronic blepharitis/ meibomian gland dysfunction.


What is the Lipiflow Procedure?

The Lipiflow procedure is a curative procedure where a device that produces heat and mild lid pressure is applied to the patient’s eyelids (most patients state it feels like an eyelid massage), so that the blocked lipids will flow back normally into the tear film. Patients who need to undergo this treatment will first have their eyes screened by a formal eyelid examination and lipiview tear film analysis to verify any blocked glands which are often associated with this specific dry eye problem and if diagnosed, the most appropriate eye treatment prescribed is Lipiflow.


What to expect during a Lipiflow treatment?

LipiFlow treatment

  • Patient will be asked to either sit comfortably on a reclined chair or lie down.
  • 1 to 2 drops of mild anesthetic are put into the affected eye(s). Both eyes are treated simultaneously.
  • Lipiflow disposable eyepiece with lid warmer is put under your eyelids and there is a built-in eye shield to protect the eyeball while the treatment is occurring.
  • Patient will be requested to close his/her eyes around the eyelid device.
  • The device will be then activated where the patient will feel minor eyelid pressure and a warming temperature on the eyelids.
  • The eyelid pressure will have varied modes which may include slow increasing pressure and pulsation for several stages for the full 12 minute treatment is completed to assure the removal of the blockages from the glands.