7 Early Warning Signs Of Cataracts

By: Jacksoneye
November 10th, 2015

CorneaThe 7 early warnings signs you need to look for with the development of cataracts:

Patient’s vision appears cloudy

The initial feeling of a patient believed to have a cataract is cloudy vision. Remember, cataracts usually grow slowly and you may not instantly notice the changes unless the growth of your cataract is causing the lens of the eyes to become generally blurred.

Visible lens discoloration

Patients with cataracts can see noticeable changes in their lens. Some patients complain of a slight tint change to yellowish or brownish shade. There are cases where the tinting becomes worse, leading to visual impairment such as unable to perform near work activities like reading effectively. When the lens discoloration is already at an advanced stage, patient may encounter difficulty in identifying colors like blue and purple.

Myopic shift

Sometimes, a patient may experience a change on viewing things. Before the cataract development, he/she is able to see objects clearly at a lengthy distance, but, still needs reading glasses, then, all of a sudden, a drastic shift happens wherein the patient doesn’t need reading glasses anymore, but, his/her visual performance at a distance becomes worse. This change may be temporary and as the patient’s lens becomes very cloudy, his/her vision deteriorates. This phenomenon is called “second sight” and is temporary before the inevitable need for cataract removal.

Poor night vision

Some individuals who have cataracts may have poor night vision. They usually find it hard to drive at night, especially when faced with glaring lights of oncoming cars.

Glare and halos effect

People who have developed cataracts are experiencing the glare or halos effect such as being sensitive from glare of the sunlight or lamps appear brighter than usual.

Double vision

One of the symptoms of a cataract is having double vision in one eye.

Vision changes

One more sign of cataracts is the need to frequently change your prescription glasses or contact lenses. Your refractive problem becomes very unstable.


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