The Best Tips: How To Find A Certified Cataract Surgeon

By: Jacksoneye
November 16th, 2015

Finding the most qualified cataract surgeon for your cataract removal surgery is important. Here are the best tips that we can offer for all patients with cataract formations and needing immediate eye surgery procedures.

Do keyword searches online

In today’s digital age where everything can be accessed online, finding answers to some of our problems can be easily solved through keyword searches. By simply typing specific phrase or combinations of words like “cataract surgery cost Chicago”, “cataract lens replacement” or “best cataract surgeons Chicago” on Google.

Search medical directories

Another great alternative venue to conduct your searches is through medical directories. This is a good place to narrow down your list of certified eye doctors who can provide the appropriate cure. Make sure you only focus on a particular category to avoid confusion like concentrating on the area of “cataract surgeons” only.

Here are a few reminders that you also need to consider when searching for the best eye surgeon

Surgeon’s overall reputation

Determine if he/she is a legitimate member of recognized optical organizations as well as the number of years he/she has been performing a cataract surgery.

Patient testimonials

You can find a patient’s testimonial through online research on any public information site or forum community where they provide unbiased reviews and feedbacks from individuals who also had that specific surgery.

Ambience of the eye center

This factor is also a major consideration before finalizing your decision. The ambience of the eye center, staff members and the assigned specialist who will perform the eye surgery really count. Evaluate your first visit or consultation. How accommodating are their staff members in answering your calls or do you feel comfortable with that particular eye doctor. All these things matter if you want a successful outcome of your eye treatment.

For over 23 years, board certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Mitch Jackson has combined patient-centered care and innovative procedures that have significantly improved vision for thousands of our patients.

Dr. Jackson’s specialty is offering personalized lifestyle assessment and advanced options in cataract lens replacement, LASIK, KAMRA Reading Vision, Lens implants (ICL’S), corneal transplants and specialized dry eye and glaucoma treatment.

Dr. Jackson has performed over 32,000 LASIK surgeries and 22,000 cataract surgeries in his private practice since 1993. Dr. Jackson is listed in the:

  • Premier Surgeon – Top 250 World’s Most Innovative Doctors.
  • Who’s Who in America.
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.

At Jacksoneye, your eye health is our priority. We specialize in a variety of vision correction procedures and we tailor your vision correction surgery to give you the best visual outcome possible. Every patient is run through a series of preoperative diagnostic tests and then Dr. Jackson creates a vision plan that is especially designed for you. Every surgery is meticulously planned and executed by Dr. Jackson and his staff.

We strive to provide a personal experience for each of our patients by providing a family-like atmosphere where our patients feel most comfortable. We will take the time to get to know you and find out exactly what you need to obtain your vision goals. At Jacksoneye, your eye care goes beyond 20/20.