4 Quick Remedies: Evaporative Dry Eye Treatment

By: Jacksoneye
October 28th, 2015

Blocked GlandsThere is one type of dry eye problem that continually affects most of us, known as the “evaporative dry eye syndrome” and this eye condition usually happens when a person’s meibomian glands are not functioning well, leading to dryness. Proper eye examinations are done to the patient, so that effective eye care measures can be given as part of the evaporative dry eye treatment.

What are the series of eye examinations done?

Aside from the normal eye examination procedure done to check the overall condition of the patient’s affected eyes, anyone suspected to have acquired the evaporative dry eye disease is recommended to undergo further eye tests which may include the following:

  • Patient will be required to have his/her eyes fully examined under a slit lamp microscope. Here, the eye doctor will have a clearer view of the actual condition of the meibomian glands (tiny openings inside the eyelids).
  • The quantity and quality of tears produced are also monitored to verify if the patient’s tear production is operating under the acceptable normal level.

4 quick remedies suggested to cure evaporative dry eye problem

  • If the meibomian glands are not performing well, the person who has acquired a mild case of this type of eye disorder is suggested to do warm compresses as well as eyelid hygiene with special lid cleansing pads to improve gland performance.
  • In-office expression is also performed by eye doctors to patients in order to provide relief and remove the excess tissue (sebum) that may clog the meibomian glands. This clinical procedure is done at the eye doctor’s clinic and proven to be effective.
  • Prescription of antibiotic-steroid drops and/or ointments topically is given to patients as part of their evaporative dry eye therapy treatment. Among the well-known forms of antibiotics being administered is the “macrolides” which has a powerful ingredient in preventing swelling or inflammation.
  • Medicated eye drops like artificial tear solutions containing castor or mineral oil are prescribed to patients to provide instant relief from the drying effect brought by the evaporative dry eye condition.
  • Lipiflow thermal pulsation is the ultimate treatment of choice as it truly treats the cause of the problem with a 12-minute in-office outpatient procedure, from which you can return to work immediately the same day.

Top advice:

Finding the real cause of one’s dry eyes problem is vital, so that appropriate dry eye help will be given to the patient affected. If you are not sure what type of dry eyes you have at the moment, consult a dry eye doctor because he/she is the only authorized person who can give you a solid advice on the right solution for dry eyes to take.