Flex Spending Account: Your Worry-Free LASIK Surgery Solution

By: Jacksoneye
October 31st, 2015

Are you running out of time looking for where to get financial assistance for your upcoming LASIK surgery? Did you know LASIK is also an eligible expense that you could deduct from your flex spending account (Flex plan, reimbursement account, Flex 125 or Cafeteria plan) because it is a laser type of vision correction?

If you are a bit confused on how to use your fsa account, here is a complete step-by-step procedure for your convenience:

First Step – Book for a free Lasik advice

This is the first thing you need to do, consult a reliable laser eye center like myjacksoneye. To schedule a free consultation to make sure you’re a candidate, please fill in the form below or call 847.356.0700 for more information about LASIK treatment.

Second Step – Are you enrolled for 2013 flex plan?

If your employer has already sponsored you for a flex plan, don’t let the year end without putting this money-saving tool for your behalf. Remember, this amount can’t be carried out for the next succeeding year if you weren’t able to claim its benefits. Plan your funds now before they expire or you will entirely loose any savings.

If you haven’t been enrolled for 2014, verify the full requirements from your HR department and ask when is the soonest enrollment schedule for a Flex spending account or health savings account.

By this time you will already have an informative conclusion based from your recent LASIK consultation if you are a suitable candidate for this type of eye corrective treatment and have a clearer estimate of the surgery cost.

Third Step – Use your FSA card

The moment you have enrolled for a flex spending account, your medical coverage becomes effective from the moment you signed for membership and you are absolutely entitled of all the benefits. You just need to present your flex card when you receive your medical billing or provide relevant receipts for your reimbursement.

Fourth Step – See a brighter future with bigger savings

Lastly, with fsa you can see a brighter future ahead after a successful laser eye surgery while at the same time enjoying a worry-free LASIK treatment due to bigger savings that you have availed.


Now, before you use your fsa, be sure you allocate your contributions in a year wisely. Keep in mind whatever amount you put in is no longer refundable. We highly recommend that you visit myjacksoneye office located in Lake Villa, Lake County, II, – Chicago area, in the neighborhood of Mc Henry, Waukegan, Kenosha, and get our solid advice on how you can maximize your flex spending account and save more.

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The initial LASIK consultation will take approximately one hour. The consultation is a comprehensive eye exam performed by Dr. Jackson using advanced pre-surgical diagnostic equipment. These pre-op tests provide the highest level of confidence available on your candidacy for eye surgery.