How To Choose The Best Cataract Lens?

By: Jacksoneye
November 10th, 2015

Choosing the best cataract lens is determined by you and Dr. Jackson. Options are reviewed prior the surgery, so that you can make a wise choice. There are many factors that may affect the kind of cataract lens replacements you will receive based upon your visual needs and lifestyle.

Monofocal Lenses

These types of artificial lenses provide distance vision or near vision. Patients are thoroughly assessed during the surgical process which option would best suit their present visual needs. For example, it is vital for a patient to know the outcome of monofocal lenses and understand that glasses will be needed full time for all levels of vision after the cataract eye surgery procedure. A specific monofocal lens implant that corrects for astigmatism, known as a toric lens implant, will correct for distance vision, giving essentially most freedom from glasses for distance activities.

Multifocal/Accommodating Lenses

These lenses offer correction on both visual needs, distance and near vision. In fact, choosing these lenses minimize the possibility of wearing eyeglasses after the surgery. There are still some cases wherein the patient will have to wear glasses in dim lighting. Multifocal lenses aren’t usually covered on a medical health insurance plan.

Accommodating lenses give a full range of vision with less of night vision issues but will not have the capacity to give the ability to read the finest print as with multifocal lenses. Most newspaper print is in the range where both types of these presbyopia-correcting lenses will give what you need for near vision tasks.

Additional questions prior a cataract surgery procedure

When considering your lens choice you have to figure out the following.

  • What is my present visual problem?
  • Will wearing glasses after a cataract surgery prevent me from doing the current activities which I normally enjoy before the surgery?
  • Are there other payment methods to choose from in case I don’t have sufficient funds to cover these cataract lens implants?
  • How long will these lenses provide better visual clarity?

Remember, there are many things you have to consider before finalizing your decision on which kind of lens will suit your visual need and lifestyle. The recommendation is to choose the lenses that will provide greater comfort and freedom to see things clearly at any angle or direction.