Laser Eye Surgeons. Where Can I Find The Best?

By: Jacksoneye
November 10th, 2015

laser eye surgeonOne of the major factors that will greatly affect the success of your laser eye surgery is the qualification of the surgeon who will perform the treatment. So it is crucial to know exactly where to find the best laser eye doctor in your area or any neighboring cities. For Jacksoneye laser eye surgeons Chicago, Schaumburg, Tinley Park, Westchester, Naperville, Elgin, Gurnee, Libertyville, Round Lake, Barrington, Lindenhurst, Vernon Hills, McHenry, Oak Brook, Antioch are the nearest locations, but patients from other places are welcome too.

How to search for the best laser eye surgeon near you

  • The first tip is to use the referral system. You can never go wrong with it. Referrals coming from your eye doctor, trusted friends and family members who also had laser surgeries should be among your list. For sure they don’t want your treatment to be put in the hands of an under-qualified laser eye surgeons.
  • Visit websites that are offering free advice or consultation on proper eye care. Particularly for the treatment of various visual problems and eye diseases like dry eye disease, cataracts and glaucoma. These sites could provide you a relevant list of registered members. Those will be optometrists and ophthalmologists together with theirclinics or laser eye centers where they practice their medical professions.
  • Checkout local directory listings. This is also the safest way to get genuine eye surgeons who are licensed to perform various laser eye corrections in your area. Narrow down your selections by using specific keywords such as eye surgery specialists or to be more precise look for a specialized eye doctors focused on your eye concerns, whether it is for cataract removal, Lasik or PRK surgery and using only the advanced laser technologies.

Criteria on how to select the most qualified laser eye surgeon

  • Consider number of years of experience performing that particular treatment such as Lasik eye surgery or evaporative dry eye procedures. Remember, laser eye correction is not irreversible, so entrust your eyes to the best laser surgeon who has a solid track record in treating your eye disease or refractive error.
  • Facilities to be used. If you will decide to have your laser surgery at a nearby eye center, verify if the eye surgeon will use the latest laser technology. Make sure their laser instruments have passed the FDA requirements and the eye center of your choice observes the safest procedures in the treatment of their patients.
  • Information given by the eye doctor. You can feel during your private consultations if the doctor is very accommodating and has the ability to provide all the laser eye surgery information you will need for your decision making.
  • How about long-term eye care? This is also important when choosing an eye doctor. What are the other services that he/she can offer after your surgery? Are the follow-up visits included on your package? It really makes a difference if both you and your eye care specialist have established a closer relationship based on trust. Some centers offer free lifetime follow-ups after laser eye surgery but unless the doctor is immortal, that is not possible and is just another potential deceitful way to attract patients.
  • How do you feel with that particular eye surgeon? This is also a key factor if you wish a successful outcome of your laser treatment. Do you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and apprehensions with him/her? Take time to know the doctor of your choice and don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials of satisfied clients he/she had done in the past to use as a reference.

Top advice

It is highly recommended that you don’t rush in choosing the best eye surgeon for your eye problem. Your doctor’s skills plus the type of procedure and laser technology used will matter in the final results of your laser eye operation. Know also the potential procedure risks.