Laser Eye Surgery Advantages and Risks

By: Jacksoneye
November 10th, 2015

Laser Eye Surgery AdvantagesDue to the modernization of most laser eye surgery procedures, patients can now have assurance that the advantages they will get from a particular laser eye surgery outnumber the possible eye surgery risks.

For you to have a clearer picture of the benefits and negative outcomes of a laser eye surgery procedure the following brief explanations will aid you in the decision process.

Laser eye surgery advantages

  • A laser eye correction is only a one-time expense because you don’t need to buy prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses together with their solutions and eye drops after a successful treatment. That is a bigger savings on your behalf and a significant laser eye surgery advantage over the long-term.
  • Another laser eye surgery benefit is that it builds a person’s confidence level since he/she will no longer need to wear heavy framed eyeglasses and live a normal life without anyone constantly commenting on how thick or unsightly his/her eyeglasses.
  • All tedious maintenance on proper care and cleansing of contact lenses are now a thing in the past if you benefit from a laser corrective eye surgery type. Imagine no more long hours spent day and night following all the cleansing and hydrating procedures to keep your contact lenses in top condition.
  • Enjoying any daily activity without a feeling of obstruction like the wearing of glasses is a huge advantage of laser eye surgery.
  • The risk of infection from laser vision correction is less than years of risk while contact lenses on a daily basis.

The possible risks after a laser eye treatment

  • Some dryness will occur after the surgical procedure, but this is only temporary and can be treated with artificial tear drops and other lubricating solutions designed to maintain moisture in the eyes.
  • Blurry vision may also result after the laser procedure which is also associated to the dryness that resulted after the laser surgery.
  • Laser surgery could lead to corneal ectasia when one is not properly selected but treatments such as collagen cross-linking, intacs and corneal transplant can repair this if it would indeed occur.
  • Some patients may encounter problems to night driving, due to sensitivity to the bright lights coming from approaching vehicles. Again, this symptom will diminish once the healing is completed and usually is self-limited to 6 months or so.

Laser eye treatment consultation

A laser surgery is the best surgical method used in treating patients with refractive problems like farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. It ensures less risk factor and quick laser eye surgery recovery time. If you want to be sure that the suggested eye surgery is suitable for you, gather as much laser eye surgery information that you could get from your eye doctor or any laser eye surgery center near you. Be correctly informed on the pros and cons of eye surgery treatment available to you. If still in doubt schedule a consultation with a Laser eye surgery doctor and discuss all the risks and advantages of the procedure. Jacksoneye office location is mostly suitable for the residents of Round Lake, Lake Zurich, North Chicago, Vernon Hills, Arlington Heights, Elgin, Highland Park, Aurora, Westchester, Gurnee, Skokie, Lake Villa, Lindenhurst and other places from the greater Chicago metropolitan area in Illinois.