Laser Eye Surgery Recovery Time: Facts You Need To Know

By: Jacksoneye
November 16th, 2015

Laser eye surgery recovery timeOne common concern that most patients who have undergone laser eye surgery ask is how long the expected recovery time is before they can enjoy an improved vision. The healing periods vary, whether you had a LASIK or PRK surgery and may depend entirely on the patient’s overall health condition.

Laser eye surgery healing time

Other laser eye surgery recovery time information that you need to know are as follows:

  • The patient is discharged after the surgery, so he/she is advised to prepare in advance transportation arrangements because driving is strictly not allowed until the next day.
  • It would be best if you have someone to accompany you all throughout the treatment and part of post operative recovery time.
  • Antibiotics and other anti-inflammatory eye drop solutions are given to the patient to prevent any infection and aid in the healing process.

Laser eye post-operative care instructions are also given to patients for care at home

  • Blurry vision may happen after a couple of days of having LASIK eye surgery, while in a PRK procedure, it may take longer up to 5-7 days. Lasik patients can expect a more stabilized visual capability within a month, while with a PRK surgery the visual improvement will take up to 3-6 months because the epithelium needs more time to re-grow.
  • Touching and rubbing of the eyes are also prohibited because these actions might delay the healing progress and even cause further harm to the affected eye. Protective eye wear is put over the eye after surgery. Wearing of sunglasses is also recommended to avoid any dust or tiny particles from entering the eyes. Some eye doctors even suggest the use of specialized eyeglasses with darker shades or eye goggles to minimize any glare effect that a patient could experience from bright lights.
  • Shampooing the hair during the first 24 hours after surgery recovery is not advisable and taking a shower as well to avoid any soap or water from irritating the eyes during healing process.
  • The eye specialist will also suggest the ideal day when a patient can return to work. In most laser eye procedures, patients can resume to their normal routine one day after laser surgery, although there are some cases when it may take longer to go back to work due to the nature of the patient’s work.

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