Laser Eye Surgery Side Effects After Vision Correction

By: Jacksoneye
November 17th, 2015

Laser eye surgery side effectsIf you are scheduled to undergo a laser vision correction, knowing the possible laser eye surgery side effects will give you peace of mind and prepare you for any worst case scenario. Keep in mind it really makes a big difference if you are completely aware of the potential outcome of the procedure, whether it is a Lasik or PRK surgery.

Below are the most common reported side effects of any laser surgery

Burning sensation side effect

Minor discomfort is expected after any type of laser eye surgery. The usual complaint among eye patients is the burning sensation which also includes the gritty feeling or itchiness. This type of symptom typically is temporary for the first 24 hours or less. If you are experiencing this condition, consult your eye surgeon to get the appropriate medications and prevent further complications.

Dry eye complication

There are some reported cases wherein a patient who have undergone a Lasik procedure feel the dry eye effect at various levels after the laser surgery as a side effect. In fact, there are instances when a patient who had Lasik has higher rates of dry eye symptoms than those patients who chose the PRK treatment. To treat the problem, eye surgeons usually advise their patients to use artificial tear solutions or prescription eye drops. Dry eye laser eye surgery side effect can last up to 6 months after the procedure but usually is self-limited and treatable with appropriate eye meds.

Glare side effect

The glare effect or sensitivity to light is common and can last up to 6 months after the procedure but is more noticeable the first few weeks after surgery and is self-limited in most cases as well. The patient may find discomfort to brighter environment, especially when expose to night driving. This side effect may diminish naturally without any medications. Patients are advised to wear good UVA and UVB and/or polarized sunglasses for outdoor activities and at times a temporary mild glasses prescription may be needed for night driving.

Hazy vision problem

Hazy vision at different levels may also be the usual side effect after a laser eye surgical procedure, but this is only a temporary condition and is often caused by the natural healing process of the affected eye. The haze effect will gradually disappear once the healing stage improves. Fluctuation in vision immediately after is the most common laser eye surgery side effect.

Temporary or permanent loss in contrast detection after laser surgery

There are some patients who complain having difficulty in detecting high contrast things like the street signs after undergoing a laser eye surgery. Although, this symptom can be temporary, there are rare cases when it could become permanent.

Laser Eye Surgery Side Effects Consultation

In general, any laser surgery treatment is guaranteed to provide successful visual results, especially if the procedure is performed by an expert eye surgeon and done at a well-facilitated eye surgery center. Here in Jacksoneye we pay special attention to optimal visual outcome and the least side effects possible. Feel free to schedule a complimentary LASIK  consultation at Lake Villa, IL by phone: 847-356-0700 or using online form at the page. This should be especially convenient for the residents of Nothern part of Chicago metropolitan area: Antioch, Round Lake, Libertyville, Lake Zurich, Grayslake, Gurnee, Barrington, Vernon Hills, Kenosha, Waukegan and the neighborhoods.

Learn all the potential risks about the Lasik and PRK procedures being offered, so that you can make a wise choice in the end. Go for that laser procedure that will promise better visual clarity with less complications.