5 Vital Requirements In The Selection Of Lasik Eye Surgery Doctors

By: Jacksoneye
October 28th, 2015

Mitchell A Jackson, MDOne of the reasons why eye patients need to properly select the best Lasik eye surgery doctor that they could find is for the successful outcome of their eye surgeries with minimal complications. Remember, a Lasik eye surgery an elective eye surgery and having a qualified eye specialist at your side could be your ticket to the freedom of vision you have always dreamt of.

For your general knowledge, there are at least 5 vital requirements that any patient should consider when selecting the Lasik eye doctors who will perform the refractive surgery treatment.

  • The surgeon should be board-certified in his/her specialty of Ophthalmology and have proper state licensure where he/she wishes to practice his/her medical profession. Verify with the National Practitioner Data Bank if the name of your preferred surgeon is also included in their list.
  • The qualified eye surgeon must be board certified aside from his/her state board license. Ask your chosen eye specialist if his/her area of specialization is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties and check his/her credentials whether he/she has completed the required number of training and certification courses on this particular area of surgical procedure.
  • The surgeon should be a member of the American College of Eye Surgeons (ACES) to ensure you are in good hands because members of this reputable institution uphold the ethical standards and skill sets required on any excellent eye surgeon.
  • Your chosen surgeon must be referred either by family members, friends or your trusted doctor. Getting an eye surgeon who was referred by someone whose credibility was also proven like your regular ophthalmologist will assure you will only get a top-notch specialist that your doctor knows personally.
  • Another place where you could scout for candidates of the most qualified eye doctors and Lasik surgeons is visiting Lasik eye centers or conducting online research by typing specific keywords such as “ophthalmologist IL” or “laser eye surgery Chicago” if you want to break down your searches into demographic locations where you want to avail your laser eye treatment.


The above requirements are some of the checklist that could help you locate easily a credible eye doctor or eye surgeon. Aside from these qualifications, you may still have personal screening criteria. For example eye surgeon office location. In case of Jacksoneye, its office location is in Lake Villa, Illinois. This localization adds up an additional benefit of choosing Jacksoneye Lasik eye surgery doctor for Chicago, Rockford, Naperville, Schaumburg, Tinley Park, Westchester, Kenosha, Waukegan IL residents and the suburbs.

Before you finalize your choices and entrust the well-being of your eyes like the number of years that particular eye doctor has been performing this corrective eye surgery procedure or perhaps you will rely on your instincts or first impression after your initial consultation at his/her eye clinic, whether you can have a closer relationship built on trust. All these issues matter, especially if you only want the best value for your hard earned money.