A Complete Guideline For Lasik Recovery Time

By: Jacksoneye
November 17th, 2015

Do you want a quicker Lasik recovery time? It’s just normal to experience various levels of discomfort, tearing or blurry vision, especially after the Lasik eye surgery, but by following this complete guideline patients will know exactly what are the activities to avoid in order to speed up one’s Lasik recovery period.

Common restrictions after Lasik eye treatment

  • Any individual who underwent Lasik surgery are advised not to drive after the operation because his/her visual capacity is not yet back to normal level which makes driving risky. Patient’s can expect vision improvement within 24 hours after surgery and can typically drive the day after Lasik surgery.
  • Rubbing of the eyes is also a restriction because the action itself might cause further inflammation, itchiness or extreme damage to the affected eye(s). Patients are even required to wear protective eye shields while sleeping to avoid accidental rubbing of the eyes.
  • Participation to more physical activities like swimming is prohibited for 1 week and one can usually resume back to his/her usual routine or work within 1-3 days after surgery, but full recovery will take place once the wound has healed with full visual stability occurring by 6 months.
  • Soaking in hot tubs are also not advisable 1 week after surgery because the hot temperature coming from the steam bath itself might cause irritation to the patient’s eye and there is an increase risk of infection especially with jacuzzis or spas.

Visual Assessment after surgery

The patient’s eyesight condition should generally improve after the surgical procedure, so it’s a must for the concerned individual to visit the eye doctor for his/her post-operative eye check-up. During these follow-up eye examinations, both visual acuity and quality of the patients’ vision are tested through a series of diagnostic devices.

Some vital questions are even asked to the patient regarding his/her reactions to dim lighted areas, if there are any blurring effects, double vision or halos which are expected as part of the Lasik eye surgery side effects.

Here in Jacksoneye we are very serious about thorough pre-op tests and regular post-op assessments. This is why it is especially important the client can easily visit our office before and after the surgery. Being close to the Northern part of greater Chicago metropolitan area works the best for the residents of North Chicago, Lake Zurich, McHenry, Grayslake, Barrington, Antioch, Gurnee, Round Lake, Lindenhurst, Libertyville and others.

Post-operative routine eye assessments are part of the proper eye care procedures that the patient must observe after the eye surgery, so that an accurate visual finding will be derived, enabling the eye specialist to give the final eye analysis, whether the entire surgical process worked or another eye surgery is needed called an enhancement for any residual correction such as astigmatism.

Top Advice

It is a common practice by most reliable eye doctors to advise all their patients who have availed Lasik surgeries to comply strictly with the proper guideline on post-operative eye care including follow-up appointments to check the overall condition of the affected eye or both eyes.

Estimated recovery period after the surgery may vary from one patient’s case to another, but most patients have enjoyed improved visual clarity after two days with full recovery expected by six months with clearer and more stable vision.

Talk to your eye doctor and get all the needed information about Lasik eye treatment. Don’t let your blurry vision prevent you from living a normal life. Finding the right cure or eye treatment is now within our reach with the development of modern technologies and this is your chance to prove how effective they could be.