PRK Cost. All You Need To Know

By: Jacksoneye
November 17th, 2015

Cost Of Lasik Vs LensesPRK referred as photorefractive keratectomy was a well-sought eye refractive surgery in 1996 before Lasik. Although, it is a worldwide acceptable type of eye surgery for patients with certain eyesight problems like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism, the overall PRK cost may vary due to many factors.

If you want to know exactly whether you are really getting a good deal for what your money’s worth once you decide to undergo PRK eye surgery, here are some facts that will generally cover the cost of your surgical procedure.

Specialized Facilities as Part of PRK Cost

All PRK surgeries are performed with the use of an excimer laser, powerful enough to reshape the surface of a patient’s cornea with the use of this specialized medical instrument. It can actually improve one’s visual problem to better performance and that is clearer vision. So, imagine how much will be the added cost on your medical bills for the particular usage of this device. Be sure to ask your eye surgeon if the entire PRK cost that he/she estimated already includes the charges for the medical facilities to be used for your surgery like the excimer laser.

Eye Surgeon’s Professional Fees

This is another area you need to clarify with your chosen eye surgeon, his/her professional fees. Don’t hesitate to ask if this fee is inclusive on your final medical bill or not. Some eye doctors would give an itemized list of all PRK costs that will be covered on your bill like the use of the medical facilities if you decide to have it done in a hospital, surgical materials needed for the surgery as well as the pre-assessment eye examinations prior the surgery.

Post-operative Medicines and Follow-up Treatments

Lastly, confirm with your eye surgeon if the medicines after surgery and other follow-up treatments are also included on your final receipt. Remember, some eye surgeons offer reasonable payment methods (example, interest-free) to accommodate patients with limited budgets wherein a patient can pay the whole amount portion by portion until it is fully paid. Compare prices of other eye doctors to get the best rate without compromising your eyesight’s condition and success rate turnout.

Overview of the PRK Cost

Eye patients should understand that undergoing a PRK treatment cannot guarantee that you can claim this type of surgery on your health insurance coverage. In reality, PRK is a self-pay procedure without any medical insurance coverage.

The average PRK surgery cost usually range from as low as $1,800 for one eye only or it can go as high as $2,500. Of course, these prices may vary from one country to another, the expertise level of your potential eye surgeon and your entire health condition.

Be sure to provide your eye specialist a complete record of your health history to prevent any severe complications after PRK surgery from arising. Give your eyesight the chance to revive its normal vision. PRK surgery could be your best option to undertake.