PRK Versus Lasik

By: Jacksoneye
November 17th, 2015

Mitchell A Jackson, MD, JacksonEyePerhaps you are caught in the middle of finalizing your decision which type of eye corrective solution to choose, PRK versus Lasik surgery. Here is a quick overview of their similarities and differences on the following areas:


  • Both Lasik and PRK surgeries are considered as out-patient procedures wherein the eye patient could be discharged after the surgical procedure and doesn’t need confinement in the hospital for the entire recovery period.
  • The overall timeframe of the eye refractive surgery for these two treatments would only last 15 minutes for both eyes.
  • Both procedures are recommended for the treatment of certain eyesight problems like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism.
  • Both surgeries are performed using top performing specialized lasers.



The major difference between Lasik and PRK treatment is how the entire surgical procedure is performed by the eye surgeon. In Lasik eye surgery, the correction is done underneath a corneal flap, whereas PRK eye surgery only touches the top of the cornea without the creation of a flap.

Healing Period

The healing process to return to functional daily activity in a Lasik treatment takes around a one-two days while a PRK procedure will need approximately a week for the affected eye to completely heal because the epithelial cells that have been removed need more time to regrow.

Side Effects and Final Results

Most patients who choose a Lasik or PRK procedure only experience minor discomfort, since an anesthetic eye drop is put on the eye or both eyes. After the surgery, several over the counter artificial tears and/or prescription anti-inflammatory eye drops will be used to lessen the mild irritation expected after the procedure. In PRK procedures a therapeutic contact lens is used to promote faster healing of the ocular surface and will lessen the irritation when used in conjunction with the eyedrops mentioned above.


Choosing the best corrective surgery for your eyesight problem entirely relies on your overall health conditions, especially if you have diabetes or glaucoma and the final eye assessment of your eye specialist. Don’t hesitate to ask clearly the expected complications or side effects of Lasik surgery and PRK surgery under normal circumstances together with their prevailing eye surgery costs.

Remember, your eye doctor is the best person to confide all your doubts. Be open to all options and find the right corrective solution suited for your eyesight problem.

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