Quick Recovery Cataract Surgery: Do’s And Don’ts

By: Jacksoneye
November 17th, 2015

Some individuals diagnosed with cataracts are still apprehensive about undergoing an eye surgery, why? Although, this procedure is an out patient surgery, quick recovery cataract surgery percentage may vary from one person to another.

Quick Recovery Cataract Surgery

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Keep in mind, delaying an impending cataract surgery may pose greater harm or damage to your eyes and general visual capability, so if you want to have a successful operation with lesser complications after cataract surgery, update yourself on areas of your concern like what happens after the operation as well as the post operative care instructions that you need to comply. Also, once diagnosed with a cataract, delaying removal will cause future intraoperative complications to be greater.

First, let’s discuss what you will experience after the eye cataract surgery

  • Sensitivity of the eye.
  • Feeling of itchiness.
  • Glare/halo sensitivity.

All the above post operation experiences or side effects are just normal and will gradually lessen as days pass by, enabling the eye patient to resume back to his/her daily regimen without any difficulty. In order for you to have a faster recovery period, read the following do’s and don’ts advised by eye doctors to all their patients who had cataract removal.

Do’s for a Quick Recovery Cataract Surgery

  • Follow carefully the prescribed eye drop medications and other medicines to avoid possible infection or inflammatory problems.
  • Use of a protective eye cover or eye patch during the first few nights after the operation to prevent the patient from accidentally rubbing the affected eye.
  • Wear UV protected sunglasses if there is a need to be exposed under the harmful rays of the sun.
  • After a month’s recovery, return to your eye specialist for another series of eye evaluation, so that he/she can check how well your cataract surgery lens implants are performing.

Don’ts for a Quick Recovery after Cataract Surgery

  • Avoid touching or rubbing the affected eye
  • Don’t bend during the first few days after the eye surgery because it can cause some pressure to the eyes.
  • No heavy lifting over 10-15 pounds for one week after cataract surgery. No golfing, running, swimming, or snow-blowing for one week after surgery as well.
  • Don’t expose your eyes to windy environment or as much as possible avoid outdoor activities while the eye is very sensitive and the wound is starting to heal.
  • For women patients don’t wear eye make-up for one week after surgery to avoid any harmful chemicals irritating the eye and increase infection to the eye.


The entire success of quick recovery cataract surgery relies on two major factors. First, the level of expertise that the chosen eye doctor holds and second, the full cooperation of the eye patient in following strictly all the patient’s guidelines on proper eye care and required eye check-up after weeks of surgery.