What Is OptiPlus?

By: Jacksoneye
November 16th, 2015

Don’t be misguided if some eye practitioners call it OptiPlus, while for other eye doctors it is called ORA because these two terms just mean the same technology. For those patients who haven’t heard about what is OptiPlus in general, let me give you a quick tour on how this revolutionized technology minimized the whole cataract surgery time and how it can benefit a patient in the end.

Brief introduction of OptiPlus

OptiPlus which is referred nowadays as ORA is the latest breakthrough in modern technologies used by eye surgeons in their cataract removal treatments. Its main role is to provide quick and accurate eye analysis to the eye surgeon performing the surgery which was not possible during a traditional measurement.

How OptiPlus works?

OptiPlus uses an innovative device, the intraoperative wavefront aberrometer which provides accurate IOL analysis during a cataract eye surgery. Here, a low-intensity laser light is pointed to the targeted eye while the surgery is taking place. The device gives a real-time measurement of the patient’s optical features and provides the eye surgeon with the opportunity to arrive with a more precise measurement of the patient’s focusing capabilities.

With the development of this advanced technology, certified cataract surgeons can now have instant access to a person’s visual quality, enabling him/her to determine the appropriate lens replacement needed to correct the patient’s refractive error right there, unlike the traditional method wherein the performing surgeon cannot get the accurate measurements during the procedure and will have to wait for weeks after the surgery to assess the outcome of the treatment.

Benefits of OptiPlus during a cataract surgery

  • On-demand analysis of a patient’s eye condition is achievable while the surgery is taking place.
  • Higher percentage of optimum results is guaranteed.
  • Whether you underwent a Lasik surgery or availed other corrective solutions for your refractive disorder, the OptiPlus technology can help any patient remove the need for eyeglasses after surgery or simply give a more precise visual outcome even if glasses are needed postoperatively.

Due to the advancement of eye surgery procedures, a person with cataract formation can now avail the OptiPlus technology and benefit greatly with better visual results in a lesser time frame. Ask your cataract doctor what are the available options or methods that can go along with your cataract treatment. If you haven’t found the right cure for your eye problem, visit the nearest eye surgery center in your community and get all your concerns sorted, the easiest and professional way. For sure, they can provide all the answers to your questions.