What Is ORA?

By: Jacksoneye
November 17th, 2015

For you to understand clearly what is ORA procedure, its benefits and how it works generally here are some facts introducing this latest technology.

Introduction. ORA

ORA is an advanced procedure that is mostly used during a cataract surgery, so that optimum postoperative visual results can be achieved by the performing eye surgeon. ORA provides a real-time eye assessment giving the eye surgeon the opportunity to arrive at a more accurate measurement of the patient’s focusing capabilities even during the operation.

The Advantages of ORA procedure

ORA is as a modern option in evaluating a patient’s optical characteristics unlike the results that can be taken from traditional measurements and devices:

  • Provide full real-time fine-tuned analysis on the selection of the intraocular lens (IOL) implant during the cataract operation.
  • Guide the eye surgeon during the entire surgical procedure ensuring optimal results are achieved.
  • ORA can possibly help any eye patient the chance to gain more accurate IOL measurements especially after prior ocular procedures that have altered other structures of the eye prior to cataract surgery such as Lasik, RK, PRK, corneal transplant.

How does ORA work?

ORA uses an intraoperative wavefront aberrometer which is quite similar to the technology applied in a Lasik procedure. With ORA, a low-intensity beam of laser light is pointed directly into the patient’s affected eye. The laser device reflects off the patient’s retina and sensors in the aberrometer, measuring the optical features in the reflected light.

Through this advanced technology, immediate eye analysis is possible, making it easier for the eye surgeon to provide the best cataract lens replacement and correct other eye refractive problems like astigmatism accurately without wasting time.


With the continuous development of modern technologies, finding specific cures or treatments to one’s illness is now made possible with a promise of higher percentage of getting the most desirable outcome or being cured completely.

ORA is a good example of this revolutionary improvement in the medical field, enabling both the eye surgeon and the patient satisfy their visual outcome like the eye specialist getting his/her real-time verification of the patient’s eye visual condition during the cataract eye surgery, while on the patient’s side, providing him/her peace of mind that the whole medical procedure will turn out a great success, with a more precise visual outcome with reduced need for enhancement procedures in the future.

Check your local eye surgery center if they are already offering this latest service of ORA and don’t hesitate to ask if this procedure is already included on your cataract surgery cost assessment.