Implantable Contact Lenses vs LASIK and PRK

The most popular refractive procedures are PRK or LASIK. Both procedures reshape the surface of the cornea. However, not everybody is a candidate. Implantable contact lenses, or ICLs, offer an alternative for people who are not candidates for PRK or LASIK. ICLs correct vision in the same manner as regular contact lenses. The difference is that ICLs are permanent. The lenses used for this procedure are similar to small contact lenses that, instead of sitting on the surface of the eye, are placed inside the eye. These lenses are composed of a collamer material which mimics the natural tissue of the eye and provides excellent optical clarity. Once in place, the lenses are undetectable, cannot be seen by the naked eye and require no maintenance other than a routine, annual visit to your eye doctor. ICLs offer a life without dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

This simple procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Dr. Jackson makes a small incision in the cornea and inserts the foldable lens between the iris and the natural lens. The procedure takes only 15 to 30 minutes for each eye and only requires topical anesthesia (numbing eye drops). Typically, patients can see clearly within a few hours after the procedure. Candidates for ICLs are between 21 and 45 years old and have moderate to severe myopia (nearsightedness). Your vision must be stable for at least six months prior to surgery. provides Implantable Contact Lenses for clients from Chicago and all the neighborhoods: McHenry, Barrington, Highland Park, Gurnee, Lake Zurich, Grayslake, Antioch and others.

Advantages of an ICL

  • The implantable contact lens provides exceptional quality of vision with predictable and stable results.
  • Once implanted by your surgeon no maintenance is required.
  • The procedure is proven to be safe with exceptionally high success rates.

How much does implantable contact lens cost?

Lens implant surgery is a sophisticated procedure that your surgeon has recommended because it’s in your best interest medically. Due to the cost of the lenses and staffing requirements, implantable contact lens procedures are customarily more expensive than other laser vision correction options. Therefore, we are pleased to offer many payment and financing options in order to make your procedure affordable.

Experience you can trust

Mitchell Jackson MD is among the most experienced and well-trained surgeons in the world with over 20 years of experience with an emphasis on patient safety and satisfaction. Dr. Jackson has performed thousands of surgical and laser vision correction procedures and continues to lead the way.

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Visian Implantable Collamer Lens provides U.S. Bobsled Pilot with the vision to lead his Team to first Olympic Gold in 62 Years.

Steven Holcomb - Visian Implantable Contact Lens Patient ChicagoMarch 1, 2010. In a historic moment for the United States bobsled team, Steven Holcomb piloted bobsled USA-1 to the Olympic gold medal in the four-man event, ending a 62-year Olympic medal drought for the American. Holcomb’s heroic mastery of the treacherous track is made even more significant by the fact that not long ago, he had 20/500 vision — “profound visual impairment” caused by keratoconus – that very nearly ended his bobsledding career. Contact lenses could no longer provide the level of visual acuity required for Holcomb to compete. Finally, with the help of U.S. bobsled coach Brian Shimer, he was deemed a good candidate for the Visian ICL. Holcomb said. “I couldn’t wear contacts the day of the surgery, so they literally had to walk me around the room. And then they did it, I got up, and just like that, I was 20/20. It’s incredible. I call it an eye-opening experience.”