LASIK surgery is incredibly popular, and many patients choose LASIK surgery over comparable laser vision correction procedures. Are you one of the millions of people considering LASIK surgery, but are too worried about the cost? At Jacksoneye, we our goal is to make LASIK surgery accessible to as many patients as possible. That is why we offer payment plans to suit our patient’s needs.

Cost Of Lasik Vs Lenses

Cost of glasses and contacts for 10 years: $10000.

Cost of LASIK vision for life: $4200 (according to national average cost for All Laser-LASIK).

Average yearly expenses for glasses/contacts:

  • Yearly eye exam – $125.
  • Contact lens fitting – $75.
  • Year supply of contacts  – $300.
  • Year supply of solution – $100.
  • Frames for glasses – $275.
  • Lenses for glasses – $125.

Total: $1000 yearly.

LASIK: one time cost.

Lasik discounts are different

It is true that LASIK surgery can be expensive, especially when going to a reputable LASIK surgeon. It is also important to remember that generally, you should be wary of practices that are offering discounted LASIK prices. Practices may offer discounted LASIK procedures for many reasons, such as have less experience than other surgeons, or because they have the intention to upsell the price later. Whatever the case, we always encourage our patients to invest in a great surgeon, who uses the best technology and techniques.

Paying for LASIK is made easy with our Alpheon financing programs. If you are considering LASIK surgery, but you are worried about cost, call Jacksoneye. Don’t wait for your vision to get worse, call today and start your journey to clear vision!

If you are looking for a doctor who provides patients with amazing results at a fair price, look no further than Dr. Jackson at Jacksoneye. Our highly motivated and client-oriented staff provides free LASIK consultations for clients from Chicago and places around it: Vernon Hills, Round Lake, Libertyville, Antioch, Barrington, Gurnee, McHenry, Lindenhurst and others. During those complimentary consultations we will provide LASIK surgery cost tailored for your case.

Alphaeon Credit

Through the use of our financing partner, Alpheon Credit, we can help you find a plan that fits your needs.

  • No down payment
  • Low monthly payment
  • Low fixed rates
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Interest-free options available for 12/18/24 months with approved credit* (payment required)
  • Over-the-phone approval

To apply, simply call our offices at 847-356-0700. You can also visit the Alpheon website. There are no application fees or paperwork to complete, and you can be approved in minutes.

Flex Spending or Health Savings Accounts (FSA or HSA)

You can also save on vision correction through a Flex Spending Account or Health Savings Account. If your company offers these accounts, call to see how you can benefit from this.

Call us today to see how affordable it is to get better vision!

Finance and Billing FAQ’s

1. Is LASIK the same price everywhere?

The average prices for LASIK (per eye) through the first quarter of 2016 is anywhere from $1800 to $2,500 per eye for custom LASIK. At Jacksoneye, we strive to make LASIK affordable for every patient. With a variety of ways to pay, there should be nothing standing between you and one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the country.  Dr. Jackson has performed over 30,000 LASIK procedures, using the most advanced technology.

2. Can I submit a claim to my insurance?

LASIK is considered an elective procedure by most insurance companies. This means that they do not have to cover the cost for LASIK. However, select vision insurance carriers offer a discount towards LASIK. Please check with your insurance to see if yours has a benefit.

3. How easy is it to obtain financing?

When you are ready to have LASIK, give us a call at 847-356-0700. If financing is your biggest concern in regards to having LASIK, we will help you find the financing plan that will fit your budget. It’s that easy.

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