You have questions about LASIK, we have answers! This Lasik FAQs section provides information about the most frequent questions asked by our clients.

Are you a candidate for LASIK?

Generally, a candidate is over 18 years old and has healthy corneas. Candidates must not have had a significant increase in their prescription in the last 12 months.

What can you expect from LASIK?

The primary goal of LASIK surgery is to reduce your dependence on visual aids.

Will I have perfect vision after surgery? Will I still need my glasses?

Lasik FAQsEvery patient’s vision improves after LASIK, though to differing degrees depending upon the initial spectacle or contact lens correction. Patients with high initial correction may require reading glasses or a thin pair of glasses for activities such as night driving. Patients over the age of 40 (due to the inevitable aging process) will require reading glasses for all near vision tasks.

Can I go blind?

LASIK is the second most frequently performed surgery in the entire field of medicine since 2000, having been performed on more than 17 million patients worldwide. With adequate care, right equipment and trained personnel chances of serious complication is extremely remote.

Is the procedure painful?

Not at all. Post-operatively, you may feel a slight grittiness in the eyes, which may last a few hours.

When can I get back to work?

Usually, you can be back at your desk, performing your routine tasks, the very next day.

Are there any side effects?

Your vision may fluctuate for a few days after surgery. You may notice some glare around lights at night. Your vision in the evening will not be as sharp as your vision during the day. These are temporary and usually pass off with time.

What are the advantages of LASIK?

Lasik FAQs about the advantages:

  • No injections
  • No prolonged medication
  • No elaborate surgery
  • Totally an outpatient procedure
  • Treatment over within 15 minutes
  • Normal activities can be resumed the next day
  • Both eyes treated at the same time

Where do I have LASIK in Chicago?

Our offices are located in Lake Villa and Lindenhurst, Lake County, Illinois. This location allows Jacksoneye to provide LASIK for Chicago, Barrington, Kenosha, Waukegan, Gurnee, McHenry and other places in greater Chicago area.