Jacksoneye provides the highest level of eye care…

By: Jacksoneye
March 23rd, 2016

“Jacksoneye provides the highest level of eye care that I have come across. Your accomplishments and expertise in LASIK eye surgery gave me a sense of comfort. You and your associates worked with me tirelessly to make sure that I was prepared and informed for my LASIK surgery.

After two consultations I was ready for my surgery. The day of the surgery was just like my prior visits, professional and comforting. You kept me at ease during the entire procedure and even let me pick the music during the surgery. I truly felt that you wanted me to be as relaxed as possible. Afterwards, the staff explained what I could expect and made sure I understood the post surgery medication that I needed to use.

Jacksoneye is more than just an “eye doctor”. Jacksoneye accommodated my schedule, even switching an appointment for me at the last minute. They made sure I understood, no matter how many questions they had to answer.

I would highly recommend Jacksoneye; as I consider your office one of the true professionals in the field of LASIK eye surgery. Your expertise is first rate and you exceeded all my expectations.”