patient testimonials

I am a proud patient of Dr. Jackson

By: Jacksoneye
November 26th, 2015

“I am 18 years old. I was once an ordinary patient at Jacksoneye. I saw Dr. Jackson once every year, until November 13, 2009. At that time Dr. Jackson discovered I had a brain tumor. I had no symptoms of a tumor other than a loss of vision in my left eye. I am a proud patient of Dr. Jackson and plan on continuing my check-ups regularly. The Jacksoneye staff was helpful and comforted me during a very scary time; I had no idea what was going on with my vision and in my brain. The girls in the office helped schedule my next appointment; which was to see a Neuro-Ophthalmologist. If I wouldn’t have seen Dr. Jackson that day I would not have known I even had a brain tumor. I am glad Dr. Jackson is so kind and sweet. I couldn’t have asked for a better eye doctor. He helped save my life.”