Outstanding work performing Lasik eye surgery

By: Jacksoneye
November 26th, 2015

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the outstanding work you do performing Lasik eye surgery. I was a patient of yours in June of 2006, and chose your facility after thorough research, and consultation with several other local finds. Your qualifications, along with your knowledge and extremely friendly and helpful staff were key contributors in my choosing Jacksoneye for my procedure.

I’m sure you hear many success stories from elated patients, but I would still like to share mine with you. I had my surgery done on a Friday evening and my first thrill was walking out your door and being able to read license plates on the cars in your parking lot. I drove my wife nuts on the ride home reading street signs, business addresses and anything else I could get a glimpse of when I opened my eyes for little “peeks” at my new world. The amazement continued after a short nap and we watched television for a while before retiring for the evening. Little did I know just how spectacular my new vision would be! I was able to drive us to the follow-up appointment the next morning, and then proceeded directly from there to the local Harley-Davidson dealer to purchase a pair of “Pan-Optix”, a sunglass style goggle designed to keep the wind out of motorcyclist’ eyes. You see, that afternoon we had a “biker” wedding to attend, and in true ‘biker” fashion, I was not going to arrive in a four wheeled vehicle. With the aid of my stylish eyewear, and remarkable new vision, my wife and I were able to ride our Harley to our friends wedding and participate in the “biker” ceremony. I had concerns about riding home in the low light conditions of late evening, but those were soon gone as my vision was terrific and even had no problem with the headlights of oncoming traffic.

The next day, being Sunday, is race day for my family as I drive the #83 Chevrolet Thunder Stock at “Slinger Super Speedway” in Slinger, Wisconsin. I know, the motorcycle thing was completely against Doctors orders, and there’s no way I would drive a race care so soon after surgery right? Wrong! Again with the aid of my new sunglasses and a full faced helmet I was able to pilot my vehicle to a season best second place finish! I don’t know if the “new eyes” had anything to do with it, but I’m sure they didn’t hurt.

Nine months later I am still thrilled with my vision and I see something new every day that I’m sure I wouldn’t have noticed when wearing glasses. I speak highly of your talents and your organization’s professionalism every time the opportunity presents itself, and have referred six people to your center. You have actually performed surgery on four of my referrals, and they are as pleased with the outcome as I am. One of the people I referred chose to have a procedure by one of your competitors and was less than thrilled with the outcome. I feel sympathy for the individual, but keep reminding him that he should have taken my advice and gone to you in the first place. I will continue to spread the word of your talents and my extreme pleasure with my new vision for years to come. The referral bonus is a nice program but I would speak just as highly of your organization, and refer people to it if the program were not in place.

I know your vision center is part of a national organization and your advertising is not site specific, but would like to offer a marketing option if some of the advertising budget is discretional. As stated earlier, I drive a car at Slinger Super Speedway and operate the race team as a marketing business. Our main source of income is from marketing partners purchasing advertising space on the race vehicle and I have opportunities still available for the 2007 season. I think the race venue is a largely untapped market in your industry and what a better way to promote your business to new clientele than with a patient that is so thrilled about your performance. With advertisement for your center on my race car, my thrilling success story and exuberant wish for others to experience the same vision that I do, my team could drive new customers to your center in droves. Not only would advertising be for the race fans, but drivers alike. I can tell you what a pain it is trying to stuff a pair of prescription glasses inside a race helmet and get them adjusted so you can actually see properly through them! Please take the time to review the accompanying materials and contact me if you interested in this exiting potential for driving new customers to your business.

What started as a quick note of appreciation has turned into quite the novel! I don’t want to take up much more of your precious time, but I hope you can sense my excitement with the outcome of my surgery. I sincerely hope you seriously consider the marketing opportunity I have presented, but I will continue to spread praise and refer new customers even if you chose not to participate. I am absolutely thrilled with my vision and just want others to experience life without glasses or contacts and be as happy as I am. Thanks again for being a dedicated professional, you have changed my life forever and I am truly grateful.”